Initial assessment (approx. 1 hr)
  • Discussion about your child’s development and the reasons for his/her referral.
  • Assessment of your child (play, observation and/or picture assessments) to develop a picture of his/her speech language and communication skills.
  • A short report of my findings and assessment results (provided after the session)
Total cost £95


Care Plan for nursery/ school

This is a Plan written for your child’s education setting so that they can support his/her individual speech, language and communication needs. Each Care Plan outlines individualised targets, activity ideas and resources.

Total cost £25


Individual therapy sessions (approx. 30 mins)

These are individualised play-based sessions which focus on:

  • Activities to target agreed targets
  • Discussion regarding your child’s progress and activities for home/school

I can discuss with you the number of sessions your child may need so that his/her speech, language and communication skills can be developed and supported.

£35 per 30 minute session
£60 per 60 minute session


Speech and Language Therapy report

Any reports that need to be compiled further to the initial summary report from your child’s initial assessment session (e.g. for Annual Review Meetings, Education Health Care Plan Paperwork).

Total cost £55-£95


Contracted Schools Sessions:

These are sessions which are completed in the school setting and which have been commissioned by school setting. Agreement regarding number of sessions, frequency and length of contract is made on an individual basis. Sessions include:

  • Initial assessment of each child referred to the service.
  • Therapy intervention for each child (based on need).
  • Summary report for each child seen for initial assessment.
  • Speech and Language Programme for each child referred, and accepted, into service.
  • 1:1 training for teaching staff working with each child (demonstration of activities, explanations of targets, discussion regarding progress)

A morning session in the school setting lasts 2 ½ hours. An afternoon session in the school setting lasts 2 hours.

Each session can involve individual or small group therapy intervention for the children on the caseload. For each hour of therapy I will see 1-2 individual children or 3-4 children in a small group setting.

£70 per hour flat rate

No further charges for daily administration (summary reports, programmes, note writing, phone calls to parent/carer and/or other professionals). Further fees apply for additional administration tasks e.g. outcome measures/statistics, further report writing (e.g. Annual Reviews , EHCP).

Note: for ad-hoc schools sessions fees at the top of this page apply. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries or questions!

Travel will be charged at 40 pence per mile from my base (CH2).